AirTronic – The first air conditioner for windows
is the intelligent combination of fan controlled exhaust air installations and electronically regulated air supply elements integrated in the window.
Compared with conventional windows with integrated ventilation system AirTronic achieves a greater flow of fresh air through a residential building.

Controlled electronically, this new ventilation system from KBE is a standalone and user independent system that provides a constant flow of fresh air from outside, just as it is needed. It can therefore be ideally expanded for all fan controlled exhaust air installations.

The KBE AirTronic is suitable for all 70 mm and 88 mm systems. Attached mechanically to windows with the greatest of ease the AirTronic is an unobtrusive element not only on the facade: measuring only 1.9 x 47 cm it can also be installed almost invisibly in or on the outer frame. One further advantage is the integrated insect screen.

The perfect solution for the needs based ventilation of buildings, the new ventilation system regulates reliably the supply of fresh air in living areas. When exhaust air is drawn off, the system activates automatically for a supply of fresh air. It therefore fulfils today the ventilation standard DIN 1946-6 of tomorrow. The result – Moist air is drawn off for a healthier environment.
Interacting with a manufacturer module and an integrated flow sensor this regulated system draws moisture out of buildings for the optimal indoor climate.


  • Sensor controlled ventilation unit
  • For use in frame extensions
  • Also for use in 70 mm and 88 mm installation depths
  • In collaboration with Ilmenau University of Technology
  • Air passage value of 12 m³ at 8 Pa
  • User independent Regulated ventilation under DIN 1946-6