The innovative add-on box.

As a constituent of the outer facade, the roller shutter box adopts a key role in thermal insulation. If the requirements under the German Energy Savings Act EnEV are to be met, a max U value of 0.85 W/m²K must be obtained at the roller shutter box. The profine VariNova exhibits all of the required values, which have been confirmed by an independent testing institute.

The outer panels, inner panels, and connecting profiles are PVC hollow chamber profiles. Individual colour schemes and adaptations to woodgrain windows can choose from a matching range of aluminium and PVC panels. All PVC profiles exhibit excellent light fastness and weather resistance and are fully recyclable. The integrated fly screen can be retrofitted to the box at any time and without any further modification. This solution saves production time in box assembly and boosts flexibility for the end customer. Retrofits are possible on all box sizes from the inside and from the bottom. The special design allows the retrofit to be adapted to the structural conditions on site.

  • Matched to the requirements under the EnEV.
  • Compact design.
  • Inclined water drains convey moisture safely to the outside.
  • Wide range of laminate colours.
  • The roll-up fly screen can be easily fitted or retrofitted at any time.
  • Outside and inside concealable.
  • Lead free rigid PVC in the PVC-U profiles stabilised with eco friendly calcium/zinc.
  • Max width of the mini add-on box with outer PVC panel 2500 mm and with outer aluminium panel 3500 mm.

    Box sizes :
    175/218 mm – 205/218 mm – 205/250 mm – 240/250 mm